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Celebrities That Made It Due To Their Creative Directors Image Guidance

Celebrities That Made It Due to Their Creative Directors Image Guidance

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You may admire most Hollywood celebrities we see almost every day in the world of entertainment. Most of them have Creative Directors who build their images with a mixture of art and marketing which gives them a distinct look.

As one of the respected Celebrity Creative Director and Business Moguls, Parker XL showed his expertise and craftsmanship of images of the likes of Lizzo, J Balvin, Lil Chuckee. Parker has helped mold these people with an effort in marketing and visual guidance.

Who would ever recognize Taylor Swift as one of the famous singers nowadays?

Behind her success and image is her creative director Baz Halpin from drawing his designs up to applying them to popular artists, he made their image for what they are now.

The ever stylish and artistic Jenke-Ahmed Tailly worked with Beyonce for four years now, he has the perfect taste to dress Beyonce and let her shine in every show she has.

Other successful creative directors are Wade Robson who contributes to Demi Lovato’s image, Jon M. Chu who is the director of the hunk Justin Bieber, Laurieann Gibson who creates the weird but cool look of Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, and Simon Henwood who motivates the image transformation of Rihanna.

These people have built and shaped the images of some of our favorite pop icons.

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