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If You're Graduating This Year - Read This

I've been out of school for a year now. These are the things I wish I knew when I graduated.

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See when I started school in 2012 I thought I wanted to be a doctor.

When I realized I sucked at math and chemistry. I went through an existential crises because I thought that if I couldn't even excel in these two subjects I wouldn't be able to survive life in the real world.

P.S Check out Freshie Roberta wearing a lanyard, neon green nails and using a TI-83 EEK!

By the end of my Senior year, the only thing I was sure about was that I needed a break. I was burnt out and being surrounded by so many high achieving students for so long made me feel like I'd never measure up to my peers who I saw were getting into grad schools and working for high profile companies.

As soon as I saw everyone's lives' start, I began to feel left behind. I moved back home to Florida and vegetated for a couple of weeks until I realized that I couldn't just let life pass me by.

When I started applying to jobs though, I realized that every job required 2-3 years of experience and degrees I didn't have. I started to think back to all of the people who told me a Political Science degree wouldn't get me anywhere and my anxiety grew.

In October I decided I couldn't stay in Florida any longer because it was inhibiting my growth, and my sister graciously let me stay with her in the Bay Area while I figured things out.

She helped me apply to over 30 jobs - including one job that sounded to good to be true that was a 15 minute walk away from her house.

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