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Things That Remind Me of the 90's

Since we're all old and dying and on a 90's kick, I've decided it's time to collect the things that remind me of my glorious (late 90's) childhood. Add yours in the comments!

Robert A. 8 years ago

Cow Runs Loose In Queens

Run, cow, run! A daring cow made a break for it down Liberty Avenue in Jamaica, Queens on Thursday, running from the confines of a slaughterhouse. You can read the full story at the Huffington Post.

Robert A. 8 years ago

Jumper On 30 Rock Ledge

Whoa: A jumper is on the 70th floor ledge of 30 Rock. TVs inside the building are broadcasting live footage of the event. Also, they've closed off 49th and 50th street. Update: Police just jumped over the glass barrier to talk to the guy, and handcuffed him. All of 30 Rock is in applause. Phew.

Robert A. 8 years ago

I Really Hate Kristen Wiig

There's a user on BuzzFeed named "IReallyHateKristenWiig", and no matter what the post, they always relate it to how much they hate Kristen. LEAVE HER ALONE! Just thought you all should be aware...

Robert A. 9 years ago

There's $10,000 Buried in NYC

So apparently there's $10,000 buried in NYC and we've all been given then honor to find it. Well, good for us. You best start believing in ghost stories Miss Turner. You're in one.

Robert A. 9 years ago

Right Wing Bury Scandal On DIGG

Apparently a group of right wing DIGG users have, as a group, successfully buried any story that is opposed to their views. They've been uncovered! Blah blah blah you know, angry white people, the usual. INTERESTING!

Robert A. 9 years ago

Strindberg and Helium

The cutest little talking balloon is side kick to sad poet August Strindberg in this series of cartoons. Oscar worthy, imo.

Robert A. 9 years ago