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Things That Remind Me of the 90's

Since we're all old and dying and on a 90's kick, I've decided it's time to collect the things that remind me of my glorious (late 90's) childhood. Add yours in the comments!

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  • 1. I Know What You Did Last Summer

    I Know What You Did Last Summer

    LAWD I loved this movie as a kid. We watched it (ON VHS) over and over and over and over. Seriously though, was any adult paying attening to what I was watching?

  • 2. Titanic


    Not only did I see this in theaters, my sister had posters from a Titanic Poster Book all over her room. THE SHIP OF DREAMS!

  • 3. Teen People

    Teen People

    Not even merely a teen ager, these would arrive in my mailbox for my sister and I would always look through them, just waiting to become A TEEN AGER.

  • 4. "Crazy" By B Spears

    "Crazy" By B Spears

    God I have no clue, but when I think of 90's radio, this one always pops into my head.

  • 5. Scream 2

    Scream 2

    My parents really should have been observing the movies I watched as an impressionable child. This is just inexcusable. But my, do I love this film. And my, did I watch this over and over and over.

  • 6. "Americana" The Offspring

    "Americana" The Offspring

    I bought this CD after it was played at my sister's ROCKING 11th birthday party. Jesus, was my whole 90's childhood influenced by my sister? I need to see a therapist.



    "Finally," I would say to myself when this mag came to my door, "A magazine catered to my tastes."

  • 8. Party City during Halloween

    Party City during Halloween

    God were those costumes gross and you would always go the day before Halloween and NOTHING good would be left, but for some reason that aisle during Halloween just brings me back.

  • 9. The Goonies & "Good Enough" by Cyndi Lauper

    The Goonies & "Good Enough" by Cyndi Lauper

    Sure this came out in '85, but not a day went by when this VHS wasn't being played. The film and its title track, "Good Enough" by Cyndi just bring me back.

  • 10. My Mom's Suburban

    My Mom's Suburban

    This. Is. My. Childhood.

  • 11. Hocus Pocus

    Hocus Pocus

    WHAT. A. CLASSIC. "Thank you, Max, for that marvelous introduction."

  • 12. Disney Channel Original Movies

    Disney Channel Original Movies

    God did they make some classic back then.

  • 13. AIM


    "Finish your dinner."
    "Good." True story.

  • 14. Daria


    I must've been so edgy as a child because I loved this show when it was on MTV.

  • 15. The Real World: Hawaii

    The Real World: Hawaii

    When my brain processes "Childhood" and "The Real World", this season is always the first one to come to mind. Skinny dipping! Drunk driving! Hawaii! Scandal.

  • 16. Urban Legend

    Urban Legend

    Seriously, who was taking me to Blockbuster (OMG BLOCKBUSTER!) to rent movies. This is seriously messed up. But I love(d) this movie.

  • 17. Blockbuster


    Gone, but never forgotten. Sad face.

  • 18. 7th Heaven (or The WB, for that matter)

    7th Heaven (or The WB, for that matter)

    I hated this show but it was ALWAYS on in my house.  Also, we were never allowed to watch Dawson's Creek. Too risque for my eyes. Where the hell was that parenting when I was watching 90's teen starlets get killed off in movies??

  • 19. Hallowen H20

    Hallowen H20

    Ugh, again with the horror movies. I seriously needed some supervision, but this was a favorite back in the day.