• Head Automatica - “Brooklyn is Burning”

    Long Island, New York’s Head Automatica is an electro pop/rock band who’s been around since 2004 but with little fanfare. Hopefully you’ll give them some love after checking out “Brooklyn is Burning” which features a cool, 70’s funk vibe. Close your eyes and think cheesy retro car chase scene.

  • We Were Promised Jetpacks - “Quiet Little Voices”

    Calling Edinburgh, Scotland home, the band with a peculiar name brings an epic sound with “Quiet Little Voices.” We Were Promised Jetpacks is currently touring the U.S. with Jimmy Eat World. Anyone catch ‘em?

  • Fischerspooner - “Never Win”

    Kate wanted to recommend a song this week and went with Fischerspooner’s “Never Win.” When we started dating she introduced me to the band and song. Has sort of a poppy 80’s vibe to it, no? Even the band’s logo looks pretty retro. Enjoy!

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