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21 Things You'll Only Understand If You Grew Up In Edinburgh

The sun was always shining and Portobello was like the Costa Del Sol.

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2. This shop was the only place to get your toys at Christmas.

Who needed Toys R' Us? We had Wonderland.

3. You'd go and see the robotic puppet jazz band while scoffing lasagne and enormous ice creams here:

Facebook: fatsamsedinburgh

The Chicago-themed restaurant had fishtanks full of catfish too, and even a piranha to amuse and amaze sugar-filled kids.


8. But getting dragged around the old Waverley Mall to go shopping was the worst.

1996 Princes Mall (Waverly Market) was vaporwave as fuck. Bring it back.

Unless you got to go to the food hall and get a Happy Meal, of course.


12. Or, if you lived on the other side of town, the WHEC was always a great day out.

The swimming pool in Wester Hailes Education Centre was a brilliant place, you just couldn't beat it (or the amazing toadstool slide).


17. You never needed to go to the countryside: You had Gorgie City Farm.

Instagram: @pilrigpaws

It taught you all you needed to know about animals without having to go much further than Dalry Road.

18. You feared nothing more than the tide coming in at Cramond Island.

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Being stuck on the island when the tide came in was what nightmares were made of, and everyone had heard of it happening to someone they knew.

19. There were only two reasons to go to the National Museum of Scotland. / Creative COmmons

1. To see the massive stuffed albatross and 2: To throw a penny in the water. It's just not the same now they've got rid of the fish ponds.

21. And you'd go to shows and play on The Meadows in the long, lazy summer afternoons. / Creative Commons

There was always tennis, football, and ice cream nearby to keep you happy, plus the sun was always shining, because growing up in Edinburgh was pure class.