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Top 25 Women Who Are Empowering Women

They're running companies, selling out venues, filibustering in pink sneakers, and (maybe) becoming the next president.

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19. Jada Pinkett Smith


Actress. Outspoken good-doer. "I made a promise to endow my little girl with the power to always know that her body, spirit and her mind are her domain. ...Even little girls should not be a slave to the preconceived ideas of what a culture believes a little girl should be." — To critics condemning her parenting of daughter, Willow

15. Stefani Germanotta


Newsmaker. Inspirer. Mother Monster. "If I was a guy, and I was sitting here with a cigarette in my hand, grabbing my crotch... you'd call me a rock star. But when I do it in my music and in my videos, because I'm a female, because I make pop music, you're judgmental, and you say that it is distracting. I'm just a rock star."

7. Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Second-ever female Supreme Court Justice. Progressive. Snarky badass. "The decision whether or not to bear a child is central to a woman's life, to her well-being and dignity. When the government controls that decision for her, she is being treated as less than a full adult human responsible for her own choices."

3. Hillary Clinton


Pioneer. Potential first female president of the U.S. Self-proclaimed hair icon. "There cannot be true democracy unless women's voices are heard. There cannot be true democracy unless women are given the opportunity to take responsibility for their own lives."

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