The Top Cities In Food Truck Awesomeness

The Daily Meal released the “101 Best Food Trucks in America for 2013”. Did your town represent?

1. Austin (3 trucks in top 101)

Um, yes. East Side King is the Texan Capital’s most sought after food via vehicle, and also the 6th highest-ranked in the country.

2. Las Vegas (3 trucks in top 101)

I don’t know where to begin. The toasted bun? The ripe tomato? The cheese MELTING OFF THE SANDWICH? All of the awards go to Slidin’ Thru, Sin City’s top-ranked food truck.

3. Chicago (3 trucks in top 101)

Inside these golden-crusted goddesses are all the meats, cheeses and caramelized onions your palette can handle. Ladies and gentlemen, Chi Town’s reigning food truck champ, 5411 Empanadas.

4. Miami (4 trucks in top 101)

Jefe’s Original Fish Taco & Burgers in Miami. (Holy moly, that was like, all of my favorite words in one title.) Jefe’s is Miami’s No. 1 food truck — with some pretty stiff competition, mind you.

5. Nashville (4 trucks in top 101)

Oh my CHEESE. Nashville’s gooiest food truck is The Grilled Cheeserie. Unanimous vote. (And bonus points for Most Adorable Name, too.)

6. Houston (4 trucks in top 101)

Try not to lick the screen. (…Ah, hell, go for it — it won’t kill you.) This is a euphoric snapshot of what you can expect at Houston’s Bernie’s Burger Bus — the bus we all wish had taken us to school K-12.

7. St. Louis (4 trucks in top 101)

Nom nom. Guerrilla Street Food is St. Louis’ go-to food truck, and the nation’s 17th overall finalist. This is their Filipino fried chicken, by the way, which seriously sounds too-tasty to be true.

8. Seattle (4 trucks in top 101)

Where Ya At Matt? Er, wait — not a question, but the name of Seattle’s most fabulous food truck. A must-eat during your next trip to the Emerald City.

9. Washington, D.C. (6 trucks in top 101)

Fojol Bros. — serving up Indian, Thai and Ethiopian food bliss — is the U.S. capital’s favorite food truck hot spot. And we concur.

10. New York City (10 trucks in top 101)

This is what you can get your hands on at NYC’s Red Hook Lobster Pound. The Big Apple’s best food truck was also ranked No. 1 in the nation.

11. San Francisco (12 trucks in top 101)

Say hello to Roli Roti Gourmet Rotisserie, the best food truck in the country’s second-best city for food trucks. Mmm.

12. Los Angeles (15 trucks in top 101)

You’re looking at a slice of heaven from Kogi BBQ, the City of Angel’s highest-ranked food truck (and No. 2 overall). I mean, just LOOK at it.

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