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9 Justifications For Loving "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo"

The second season is here. Are you ready to defend your Honey Boo Boo viewing habits from the haters? Here's what you can tell 'em.

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8. They can teach you how to pinch them pennies.


Mama June is a badass couponer. Like, she'll buy hundreds of dollars worth of groceries for ten bucks. Sure, it's all off-brand mustard and spaghettios made from cardboard, but it's still about 95% off. Why is anyone not doing this?! Teach me your ways, Mama.

7. Their nicknames are jarringly clever...


Let's revisit:

Honey Boo Boo Child — Alana

Mama — June

Sugar Bear — Mike

Pumpkin — Lauryn

Chubbs — Jessica

Chickadee — Anna

Uncle Poodle — Lee

Glitzy — the pig

6. ...and their terminology is flawless.


Beautimous: an innovative way of saying "beautiful"

Vajiggle jaggle: extra meat on one's bones (i.e. third chin, spare tire around the middle)

Biscuit: one's vagina

Redneckognize: exclaiming the recognition of and/or pride in one's redneck qualities (I guess?)

Forklift foot: Mama June's destroyed foot (from a forklift accident, naturally)

Smexy: a sexed-up way to say "sexy"

Sketti: A Thompson family favorite consisting of equal parts butter and ketchup, combined with spaghetti noodles

Multimeal: Whatever ingredients Mama June can find in her cupboards, throw into a disposable pan, and bake. Dinner!

5. Mama June tells her girls they're beautimous.


Say what you want about their diet and lack of exercise (why you hatin' on spaghetti, ketchup and butter?). But no matter how big or small the Thompsons are, they think they got it going on, which is pretty damn refreshing in a world of anorexia and Photoshop.

4. They're pro-gay, and proud of it.


Nobody likes them gays in the rural South, right? WRONG. The Thompsons couldn't care less that sassy Uncle Poodle is gay as a Georgia Peach. They even recruited him to help Alana master her moves for an upcoming pageant.

3. They give a damn about their community.


Every year, Sugar Bear (Mama June's baby daddy) dresses up like Santa to help those in need. The whole family pitches in! They've contributed tons of toys to Kids Yule Love, which helps children celebrate the holidays in central Georgia. (PS. The Thompsons were doing this way before they were a big deal.)

2. Mama June saves dat money.


She may or may not deserve Mother of the Year, but she knows how to think ahead. June reportedly distributes TLC's paychecks equally into trust funds for all of her offspring — accounts they won't be able to access until they're 21 (unless, of course, for school or medical emergencies). “I want my kids to look back and say, ‘Mama played it smart,’” Mama told TMZ. “Not like those other reality TV people.’”

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