12 Gifts To Give The Boss You Hate This Boss’ Day

October 16 is here. Let’s make it special.

You might get along swell with your superior at work, or you might…not.

If you’re the latter, don’t fret that it’s Boss’ Day (if you even knew it was). There are some wonderfully inoffensive gifts you can give them — or at least fantasize about giving them — to show how much you care.

1. Year’s subscription to a relevant (and awful) trade magazine.

The more it makes them hate their career choices, the better.

2. Word’s Best Boss paraphernalia that will make them uncomfortable.

A mug? A hat? What about a necktie?

3. Framed photo of a moment in the office you know they secretly hated.

Brownie points if it’s an unflattering one.

4. Homemade art depicting something they love, horribly.

Tell them your kid painted the picture of Baxter and Fred especially for them.

5. This office pet.

And if the painting doesn’t stop them from talking about Baxter and Fred at the water cooler, give them a not-creepy-at-all paper dog to fill the hole in their heart from 9-5.

6. Endless coupons.

So your grossly overpaid boss thinks they’re too good for a good sale. Install this money-saving gem on their desktop when they’re not looking. When they shop online, it’ll automatically offer a bazillion coupons to them at checkout. They’ll hate that they love it.

7. Really loud toys for their kid.

You can rest easy knowing they leave the office every evening and join little Tommy banging away on his new learning tools.

8. Horrible Halloween decorations for their office. (Hey, it’s that time of year.)

For the boss who thinks they’re hip and festive, until you give them a hunk of oversized garbage.

9. Uninspiring motivational poster.

Everyone needs a (more than likely misquoted) motivational poster on their wall to remind them of how insignificant their careers are and how far away they’ve drifted from their dreams.

10. Old DVD series they’re completely indifferent to.

Nothing says “I don’t know you and I don’t care” like meaningless entertainment. (Especially perfect for the boss who makes you feel worthless for not watching their favorite new show.)

11. Smoked Salmon Flavored Vodka.

They’re always talking about their refined taste in alcohol — give ‘em a challenge with this magical Alaskan gift (Sarah Palin isn’t all The Last Frontier has to offer).

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