10 Ways Bacon Is Already The Winner Of 2014

Against the power of pork, there can be no victory.

1. The 2014 Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival sold out in 42 minutes.

The 7th annual event’s theme was “Viva Las Bacon!”.

2. Someone did this.

Nothing like air-cured bacon dangling off an apartment in one of the world’s smoggiest cities, right?

3. The Perfect Bacon Bowl is officially a thing.

Screw bread bowls (and all other bowls, for that matter).

4. Atlanta will play host to the Bacon Chase, where people can jog a brutal .05K while eating unlimited bacon.

Show-offs can choose to jog 5K, if they feel like it.

5. Bacon is now good for you, because of people like this guy.

The Irish Times / Via irishtimes.com

But, seriously, sounds legit.

6. Bacon continues bringing the drama like no other meat can.

Let’s pray for © or (d).

7. Sosie BACON was chosen as this year’s Miss Golden Globe.

8. The price of bacon increased by a whopping 10 percent last year (and shows no sign of slowing down).

…while overall food prices increased by only 1 percent.

9. You can buy a 2014 Ford Fiesta wrapped in bacon, because why the hell not?

Ford / Via usatoday.com

Just in case anyone wants to overdose on ‘Merica.

10. And because 105-Year-Old Pearl Cantrell says she eats bacon every day.

Don’t question Grandma Bacon.

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