10 Crazy-Awesome Secret Ingredients

Sometimes a teaspoon of something out of left field can make your plate even more MMMMMM-able.

10. Pimento cheese in your scrambled eggs.

Do your eggs need an upgrade? Add pimento for the perfect kick!

9. Chipotle guacamole for your next burrito.

There is no better way to make your next Mexican meal spicier, smokier and richer.

8. A dash of lemon juice for your caramel apple.

It makes it more caramel-y without being lemon-y. (Pss…this works for anything involving caramel!)

7. Parsley in your pesto-garlic spaghetti.

A nice way to make a big bowl of carbs a bit greener.

6. Pop Rocks candy on your chocolate cake.

Perfect for a sizzling 4th of July treat!

5. Cornbread croutons on baked beans.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, add diced bacon to your beans! (Also goes swell on chili.)

4. Mint in your fave bolognese pasta sauce.

Because every bolognese sauce needs a little something green, right?

3. A pickle juice brine for your pork chops.

I know, sounds whacky. But trust me.

2. Chocolate chip cookie dough with potatoes.

Talk about sweet and savory!

1. Vanilla beans in your pumpkin pie.

Make it even more delicious by adding Muscovado sugar and dark rum!

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