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True Detective Season 2- Athlete Edition

#TrueDetectiveSeason2 is a wildly popular hashtag on twitter, Let's take a look at the best Rust-Marty pairings the sports world has to offer.

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1. Metta World Peace and JR Smith

Wall Street journal / Via

Does it really get any better than this? MWP already has that Rust-esque ability to spout seeming nonsense about any topic, and to say JR Smith is "shoot-first" is what we would call an understatement. You can't run from JR after he unties your shoelaces while Metta takes your statement.

Watchability: 10/10

2. Roberto Luongo and Tim Thomas

Yahoo Puck Daddy / Via

Opposing Stanley Cup goalies in 2011 and very brief teammates, Luongo and Thomas. You can't work out a better duo from the NHL to take over for Rust and Marty. Thomas, famously conservative (remember he skipped out on meeting President Obama during the Bruins trip to the White House), outwardly cranky. Luongo, funny, upbeat, self effacing. I would watch these two do anything together, and so would 99% of the NHL (way to drop the ball, Florida.)

Watchability: 9/10

3. Johnny Manziel and Joe Flacco

Yahoo Shutdown Corner / Via

Joe Flacco is largely regarded as the most boring athlete in all professional sports, and Johnny Football is... Well he's Johnny Fucking Football. Huge contrast in personalities, Flacco's thorough nature leads to what would be an impressive arrest time but the case in thrown off when Johnny Football shoots every suspect before asking a single follow up question.

Watchability: 6/10 Unless Flacco shows that he has a resting pulse above 12

4. David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez

New York Times / Via

It's hard to imagine a scenario where Ortiz plays the Straight-man, but anything is possible when you throw Manny Ramirez into the mix. Manny being Manny = tripping while chasing after a suspect and laughing instead of continuing pursuit. There aren't enough hours in the day to explain why these two are perfect for TV but suffice to say, if these two can help end and 86 year World Series drought for the Red Sox, catching the Yellow King should be a cake walk.

Watchability: 15/10

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