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The Best Stanley Cup Stories

What happens when you give hockey players 24 hours with the cup? Sheer insanity.

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Having been around since 1892 Lord Stanelys cup has seen some shit. The picture above correlates to the 1940 New York Rangers lighting the cup on fire... and pissing said fire out.

The running themes in this post will be: don't give hockey players trophies; and the New York Rangers will do everything in their power to destroy the cup. Eddie Olczyk spent his day with the cup at the Belmont Stakes. Harmless enough sure, but the rumors say that he let Kentucky Derby winner 'Go For Gin' eat out of it. Eddie denies it, but come on, we're not buying it Mr. Olczyk.

Ray Borque is the biggest feel good Cup winner ever. Don't believe me? youtube it and try not to cry. he spent a hair over two decades with the Boston Bruins, never winning. When he won in 2001 with the Colorado Avalanche he brought the cup to Boston. Boston being in the midst of a drought that began two decades BEFORE Borque played for them showed up in numbers around 10,000. The Boston faithful were so proud of Borque they supported him winning with another team... and people say hockey is stupid why?

This one will hopefully never be topped. in 2008 Detroit Red Wings player, Kris Draper, introduced his baby daughter to the cup. I'm not sure where they were as far as toilet training goes, but while sitting in the bowl of the cup, Drapers daughter took a poop. In the cup. THE stanley cup. A trophy with so many rules you aren't allowed to touch it until you win it. Its been around since 1892. And she pooped in it. fucking babies.

Mark Messier why did the NHL allow you to spend six days with the cup? well for starters he won six times, but holy hell did he do some damage to it. He took it to his favorite strip club in Edmonton, which I'm sure is like fifteen times worse than having a newborn poop in it. and in 1998 he dented the cup so bad he took it to an auto repair shop to fix said dent. no word on what caused the dent, but if its another strip club story I'm never touching the cup, or Messier's hand.

Phil Borque- and by proxy Mario Lemeiux were having a good old fashioned pool party on Mario's day with the cup. a good natured conversation on whether the cup could sink or float came about. Phil Borque found out that the cup does in fact sink as he dove into the pool with it. Honorable mention- Patrick Roy also had the cup at the bottom of his pool two years later

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