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These Are The 10 Best Friends Episodes, According To IMDb

Spoiler alert.

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10. The One with Ross's Wedding: Part Two (9.2/10)

In this Season 4 finale, the gang travels to London for Ross and Emily's wedding, except for Phoebe (who is at that point pregnant with her brother's triplets), but things get awkward when Chandler and Monica develop feelings for each other and Rachel wants to confess her love for husband-to-be Ross.

9. The One Where Ross Got High (9.2/10)

Surprisingly, this is not the best Thanksgiving episode of the show, but it sure is memorable. Monica has her parents over for Thanksgiving, but she doesn't want to tell them she is dating Chandler, because her parents hate him. And Ross knows why: he blamed Chandler for himself getting high in their childhood. Chandler and Monica force Ross to tell the truth to teir parents, but Ross wants to take revenge on Monica and things get really, really funny. Oh, and Rachel tries to make a trifle and Phoebe loves Jacques Cousteau. Amazing.

8. The One with the Proposal: Part Two (9.3/10)

The One with the Proposal: Part Two was the season six finale, and Monica and Chandler's proposal stole the scene. Chandler wanted to propose to Monica, but he also wanted to keep it a surprise, so he made clear he was against marriage, which made Monica doubt her relationship with him, and she thinks about leaving Chandler when she runs in on her ex-boyfriend Richard (portrayed by Tom Selleck) who desperately wants her back. Fortunately, everything turns out more than all right when Monica eventually proposes to Chandler. In the meanwhile, Phoebe and Rachel search for "back-up" men if they won't be getting married soon, and a rivalry between Joey and Ross exists.

7. The One with the Videotape (9.3/10)

When the gang realises Ross is the father of Rachel's baby, they want to know who came on to who, and Ross doesn't make things better when he says he has it all on tape. We learn Joey's seducing techniques, and the interactions between the six friends are truly hilarious.

6. The One with the Rumor (9.4/10)

Another Thanksgiving episode! When Will (played by freaking Brad Pitt), an old friend of Ross, comes to town, Monica invites him for Thanksgiving. Phoebe instantly falls in love with him, but things get awkward when Will reunites with Rachel, who he hated as a kid because she was so mean to everyone, and he ultimately reveals he and Ross had an "I hate Rachel club", and a lot of other past secrets are revealed. In the meanwhile, Joey wants to eat an entire turkey.

5. The One with the Prom Video (9.4/10)

Aww, the beginning of Ross and Rachels relationship enters at number five in our list. The gang finds an old video of Rachel, Monica and Ross at Rachel and Monica's prom night. Rachel's date didn't show up, and Jack, Ross's father, convinced Ross (who had a huge crush on Rachel) to take her to prom, but when he is dressed up and wants to surprise her, Rachel's date eventually shows up, and Ross is devastated. When Rachel finds this out, she kisses Ross. Oh, and Joey gives Chandler a "Best Buds" bracelet.

4. The One with the Embryos (9.5/10)

This episode is a big deal to the show: it shows the famous apartment switch, and, of course, Phoebe who gets examined for the implantation of the embryos of her brother. This episode has it all: embarassing facts, life-changing events, and a lot of hilarious moments and catchphrases.

3. The Last One: Part One (9.5/10)

The first part of the last one is number three on our list, and totally deserves it's title. Erica has to go in labour, and Monica and Chandler race to the hospital with her. When Monica leaves Chandler and Erica alone in the delivery room, they have a hard time communicating. But Chandler and Monica get a big surprise when they discover they're not having one, but two babies. In the meanwhile, Rachel sleeps with Ross, but has to leave the very next day to Paris, and when Ross realises he is still in love with her, he races down to the airport (with help of Phoebe) to confess his love for her.

2. The One Where Everybody Finds Out (9.7/10)

The title explains it itself: it's the one where everybody finds out about Chandler and Monica's relationship. Phoebe finds out when she checks out Ross's apartment, but when Chandler and Monica don't confess, she and Rachel get involved in a real cat-and-mouse game against Chandler and Monica (with Joey in the middle), which ends in Phoebe seducing Chandler. Oh, and Ross finds out too.

1. The Last One: Part Two (9.7/10)

The final episode ever is also the best. It follows Ross and Phoebe racing down to the airport to stop Rachel, and Joey, who buys a chick and a duck to give Monica and Chandler. However, the chick and duck get trapped in the football table, and Joey and Chandler have a hard time getting them out. Also, the final scene is truly heartwrenching. Spoiler alert: she got off the plane.

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