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The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Filming Locations

Has this generation found its Breakfast Club? While nothing will beat the original, The Perks of Being a Wallflower comes pretty damn close! This captivating coming-of-age story comes to life in the privileged suburbanite town of Pittsburgh, Peters Township. The magical Pittsburgh backdrop is not only the perfect setting for the movie, according to Stephen Chbosky, but it’s also his hometown. And boy, was he right! Head over to the Steel City and see where the magic happened at these filming locations for The Perks of Being A Wallflower!

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Peters Township High School


Peters Township High School is where we find the gang for many memorable scenes. It’s the football field where Charlie makes friends with Sam and Patrick. It’s the cafeteria where Charlie blacks out and beats Patrick’s aggressors to a bloody pulp. It’s the gym where the prom scene takes place and Patrick and Sam rock out on the dance floor. It holds many memories for Patrick, Sam and Charlie, and who can’t relate to those high school days of angst and uncertainty? Walk onto the football field for a little flashback and don’t forget to get the classic pic of your friends on the bleachers!

The Hollywood Theater in Dormont


From Prom night to The Hollywood Theater, these guys really know how to put on a show! Sam, Patrick and Charlie take their moves to the stage at The Hollywood Theater where they perform a stunning rendition of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Patrick rocks the audience with his corset and captivating voice. Visit The Hollywood Theater and jump on stage for your own rendition of your favorite show!

King’s Family Restaurant


After a tiring stage performance, you might be a tad hangry (hungry+angry, in case you were wondering), but don’t worry! King’s Family Restaurant is a short car ride away! King’s Family Restaurant is an avid favorite of Sam, Patrick and Charlie. It’s where Sam and Charlie’s sexual tension heightened, and it was hard not to be cheering for them to kiss! There might be a little wait to sit in “their” booth, but it’s definitely worth it!

West End Overlook


With dusk coming on, take a stroll past the West End Overlook and maybe sit on the bench that Charlie so often rested on. Take in the beauty of the Pittsburgh’s skyline! This look-out point is where many triumphs were celebrated by the gang. One huge celebration was when Patrick found out he passed shop class, which he needed to graduate- it was a close call!

Fort Pitt Tunnel & Bridge


End your adventure with a drive through the Fort Pitt Tunnel and Bridge. This is the most invigorating scene when Sam slips through the truck’s back window into the truck bed and puts her arms out like she’s flying. It looks like the most freeing experience and even just watching Sam makes you feel a little lighter some how. Though, it might be best just rolling down all the windows and blasting the soundtrack, since there would be no crew standing by if anything were to happen…decide at your own risk.

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