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Searching For The Squatch: The Best Places To Look For Bigfoot

Bigfoot: Fact or fiction? Whether you’re a diehard believer or simply think that he could maaaybe theoretically exist, the only way to know for sure is to get hard evidence for yourself (and maybe don’t listen to the haters). There have been between 2,000 – 6,000 sightings in America alone and you, my friend, could be one of them. Here’s Roadtrippers’ comprehensive guide to launching your own hunt for Mr. Squatch. Good luck!

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Where to Look?

The best places to find Bigfoot are usually near water and at night (he's probably semi-nocturnal). It couldn't hurt to bring an offering of fish, since that may be the main part of his diet. Don't forget camping gear and a good, reliable camera! As far as Sasquatch etiquette goes, try to remain hidden if you spy him, and if he sees you, try appear non-threatening (pretend to groom yourself or eat). Whatever you do, don't run- he can and will catch you. Last but not least, report any sightings to rangers or the authorities- but don't be discouraged if they think it's a fake…you know the truth!

Ruby Creek Sighting


British Columbia is prime Sasquatch-spying territory. Most notably, a prospector was abducted and held captive somewhere in the area in 1924 and in the 1940s, a Ruby Creek woman and her children fled their house when a seven-and-a-half foot tall Bigfoot approached their home.

Allegheny National Forest


This more recent sighting, in 2007, is pretty far from the usual Northwest sightings. A hunter claims he caught a picture of the shy beast using an automatically triggered camera in a tree. Even though the Pennsylvania Game Commission declared that the photo depicted a “bear with a severe case of mange”, you can decide for yourself… but if that’s a bear, it has oddly long legs. Just sayin’.

Ape Canyon


In 1924, Fred Beck claims that he and four other miners killed a Sasquatch, prompting the Squatch’s friends to launch an all-out attack on their cabin, with the beasts throwing rocks at the building and trying to break in. We can just ignore the fact that Beck claims that the creatures were mythical beings from another dimension and that this was only a small component of his abnormal psychic abilities. Also, in 1950, world ski champion Jim Carter disappeared here- only his camera case was found. Was it Bigfoot? I’m not saying it wasn’t… Overall, the state of Washington has, by far, the highest number of reported Bigfoot sightings, so don’t be afraid to check out other secluded forests but bring a buddy for good measure.

Bluff Creek


Bluff Creek is the locale of the famed Patterson-Gimlin film- you’ve probably seen frame 352 of it before. Although many scientists say it’s a man in a suit, technicians in the special effects department of Universal Studios concluded that in order to recreate the beast, they “would have to create a completely new system of artificial muscles and find an actor who could be trained to walk like that…. It would be almost impossible.”

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