6 Ways To Eat Crawfish In The Big Easy

No trip to New Orleans is complete without sampling the local Cajun fare- like crawfish! They even have fests dedicated to this tiny crustacean, which is found just about everywhere when it’s in season during the spring. Here are 6 different ways to eat crawfish next time you’re in the Big Easy…

1. 1. Crawfish Bread

Crawfish bread? This sandwich, usually only available during Jazzfest, is made of French bread, crawfish, bell pepper, onion, celery, and a dab of mayo. You can seasonally make your own at the New Orleans School of Cooking, so get a group of friends together and schedule a time to make this melty, delicious meal!

2. 2. Boiled Crawfish

You can find this staple just about anywhere when crawfish are in season in the spring, but Big Fisherman is one of the best places to go. Get a few pounds with some boiled corn and potatoes, and you’re all set for a crawfeast!

3. 3. Crawfish Sausage

Dat Dog stuffs seasoned crawfish, fresh from the swamp, into a delicious sausage sandwich. If you’re an adventurous sort, you can also try gator and turducken sausage- mmmm!

4. 4. Crawfish Pie

Eat like a local and stop into the Adams Street Grocery for a crawfish pie– this savory treat is filled with meaty crawfish tails, veggies and a lot of spice (of course)!

5. 5. Crawfish Ettouffe

Seasonally, Jacques-Imo’s serves up some of the best crawfish ettouffe around. It’s a spicy and meaty stew of sorts- if you’re around when crawfish aren’t in season, the shrimp ettouffee is just as good!

6. 6. Crawfish Monica

Another Jazzfest-only concoction, the best place to find this buttery, creamy pasta dish any other time of the year is a Rouses Supermarket. The creators don’t own a restaurant, but they began to make and stock it in this local grocery chain after much pleading by crazed crawfish fanatics- so you know it’s delicious!

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