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6 Of America's Weirdest Food Festivals

You may consider yourself an adventurous eater, but would you eat roadkill? How about baby food? These are 6 of America's strangest food festivals.

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Roadkill Cookoff


Squirrel, bear, possum, porcupine…if you’d find it on the side of the road, you can eat it at this cooking competition, held in (where else) West Virginia! (Don’t worry, they don’t use actual roadkill!) Sample the delicacies on September 28, 2013!

Testicle Festival


Have a “ball” at this offbeat Montana food fest! Rocky Mountain oysters (aka deep-fried bull testicles) are a Montana specialty, but this 4-day event also serves up a lot of beer, too. You’d be “nuts” not to go- it takes place from July 31st-August 4th, 2013!

Waikiki Spam Jam


Hawaii is Spam crazy- they eat the most Spam out of any state (7 million a year), and a lot of that Spam is probably eaten at this annual event. If you’re craving some spiced ham for yourself, the next Spam Jam will happen on May 3, 2014!

National Baby Food Festival


Why should adults get all the fun?? Babies can get in on the food festival action with this 4-day-long event, held in Gerber’s hometown. If you don’t mind getting messy, there’s baby food eating contests for grown-ups and babies! It’ll be held July 17-20th this year.

Pierogi Fest


If you have never had a pierogi before, please go try one as soon as humanly possible- preferably at the Pierogi Fest in Indiana. You can meet Polkahontas (yes, your read that right) and sample some Eastern European cuisine all while listening to polka music (naturally). It’s taking place July 26-28th in 2013.

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