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5 Quirktastic Texas Museums

Are you a museum fanatic? If so (or even if you’re not, really) these offbeat Texas museums are totally worth a trip! They take the ordinary and make it extraordinary, from dogs to funerals and executions.

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Texas Prison Museum


Texas is known for it’s harsh capital punishment laws and tough prisons. That makes the Texas Prison Museum kind of like a horrific accident you can’t look away from- no matter how sick and twisted it is, your primal side can’t help but be fascinated by morbidness. This Offbeat Texas museum immerses you in the Texas prison system- your tour guide is even a retired Texas prison warden who over saw 89 executions…eerie! I’m sure he has some interesting prison tales.

The Dog Museum


If you’re a dog enthusiast, welcome to heaven! The Dog Museum is truly one of a kind. It features seven THOUSAND dog-centric items on display. They have everything from dog salt and pepper shakers to a taxidermied bulldog from the 1800s…no, I’m not kidding. It’s truly something you might have to see to believe.

National Museum of Funeral History


Whether we admit it or not, there’s something about death that is intriguing. It’s a question of what comes after death, the rituals around funerals and celebrating life. The National Museum of Funeral History gives you a chance to hear, see and understand the full circle of funeral history. It features an exhibit on embalming, mourning rituals and ancient civilizations’ funeral practices! They also have authentic pieces used in the funerals of Presidents and Popes!

The Salt Palace


The Salt Palace is not a joke- nor do they joke about salt! They take the history of salt very seriously; so much so the building is literally made out of salt (fun fact, the building is lick-able)! You may be thinking wouldn’t the building melt away in the rain? Yes, but after the first Salt Palace building washed away with the rain, the town of Grand Saline, home to The Salt Palace, made sure to take precautions so this salt palace would be here to stay!

Devil’s Rope Museum


Devil’s Rope Museum takes the cake for wackiest offbeat Texas museums! It’s hard not to smile when you think “What could possibly be in this museum?” but they definitely don’t disappoint. They have every kind of barbed wire and lots of art work made out of barbed wire. You will leave with a healthy knowledge of barbed wire and fencing tools. They even have a cute saying- “When you come, you’ll get HOOKED on collecting barbed wire”.

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