A Definitive Ranking Of All 50 Original Jelly Belly Flavours

The original 50 flavours from best to worst. All opinions are my own. And they are correct. Inspired by this post.

50. Liquorice

Just… because

49. Cinammon

Cinnamon is annoyingly coloured the same as Very Cherry. Which leads to very disappoint.

48. Sizzling Cinnamon

Because as if one cinnamon flavour wasn’t bad enough, Sizzling Cinnamon only ranks higher because of its’ distinctive orange markings which make it easier to identify.

47. Juicy Pear

Because pears are gross. If anyone ever poaches them and serves me them as a dessert, you can consider me offended.

46. Buttered Popcorn

Years of working in a cinema have rendered this flavour useless to me.

45. Green Tea

The worst kind of tea. In jelly bean form.

44. Cantaloupe

An inferior type of melon, much worse than its more excitingly-coloured counterpart, Watermelon.

43. Caramel Corn

Too sweet; too sickly.

42. Margarita

The worst of the alcoholic variations.

41. Red Apple

Red apples are worst type of apples. Both green and pink are better - Jelly Belly should consider making a Pink Apple variation.

40. Pink Grapefruit

Okay, but has a slightly bitter kick.

39. Pomegranate

Bland. A non-important red bean.

38. Wild Blackberry

What’s wild about this? NOTHING.

37. Dark Chocolate

Attempts to taste like chocolate - fails miserably.

36. Plum

An awkward fruit in its original form, this awkwardness translates to the jelly bean.

35. Orange

The staple of the fruits, you can’t really go wrong with an orange. But it’s not terribly exciting either.

34. Vanilla

You can tell a lot about people who pick vanilla as their favourite flavour… just saying (Bonus points for authentic black spots).

33. Kiwi

A somewhat polarising fruit makes for a forgettable Jelly Belly.

32. Caramel Apple

Tastes more like caramel than apple. Yucky colour.

31. Chocolate Pudding

Slightly nicer and sweeter than its Dark Chocolate brother.

30. Cotton Candy

This actually TASTES like pink.

29. Cappuccino

I like coffee, but this is the poorer of the two coffee varieties. Negative points for weird colouring.

28. Green Apple

The superior apple flavour. But still pretty standard.

27. Bubble Gum

Very authentic, can sometimes fool you into thinking it’s real bubblegum.

26. Very Cherry

If you were lucky enough to avoid the dreaded Cinnamon, you’ve probably stumbled upon Very Cherry. Congratulations.

25. Orange Sherbet

A more fizzy and sweet orange variation. Props to the matte effect coating.

24. Cherry Cola

An oft-forgot drink but a tasty Jelly Belly.

23. Strawberry Cheesecake

Slightly more sickly than other strawberry types, it ranks the lowest. Nice, distinctive colouring.

22. Cafe Latte

The better take on a milky coffee. Questionable colour.

21. Top Banana

A staple. Top Banana is the base of many delicious flavour-combinations too.

20. Strawberry Jam

A very accurate taste, sure to appease the most critical of strawberry fans.

19. Lemon Drop

Slightly sugary with a nice zing.

18. Watermelon

Dark green on the outside, red on the inside - just like the real thing!

17. Berry Blue

Because anything blue needs to rank pretty high.

16. Mango

A great smoothie-making fruit becomes a fine tasting jelly bean. Only drawback is looking suspiciously like Juicy Pear.

15. Tutti-Frutti

Tastes fun and exciting, and the candle version smells amazing. Also has, arguably, the best colouring.

14. Peach

Some say it is a rule that fuzzy fruits make good jelly beans.

13. Lemon

Excellent zest, only to be beaten by…

12. Lemon Lime

Because limes make everything better.

11. Pina Colada

You take the pineapple and the coconut and shake it all up.

10. Grape

Tastes nothing like grapes, but has that artificial grape taste which none of us will forget.

9. Tangerine

By far and away the best of the orange category.

8. Cream Soda

An underrated drink and definitely deserves credit in Jelly Bean form.

7. Crushed Pineapple

Such a delicious fruit - and the word crushed is just fantastic onomatopoeia.

6. Raspberry

Great colour and up there amongst the greatest of berries.

5. Coconut

Perhaps a controversial choice but coconut is utterly divine.

4. Blueberry

Follows the rule that anything blue has to rank pretty high. The car freshener version of this will make your car smell glorious.

3. Strawberry Daiquiri

My favourite cocktail. My third favourite bean.

2. Island Punch

Fantastic purple colouring, irresistible taste.

1. Toasted Marshmallow

Tastes like bonfires and good memories. What more could you want?

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