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If You Still Don´t Know What Barranquilla´s Carnival Is About, It's Time To Find Out

One of the most important carnivals in the world is about to begin and you are still in time to get to the party, but before you start packing, consider these tips to enjoy the party to the maximum

Hips don´t lie/Shakira / Via Giphy

The first thing to do when you arrive in Barranquilla is salsa dancing on Calle 72, a renowned street that during these parties has received the greatest musicians of salsa. El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Marc Anthony, Rubén Blades And Oscar de León are some of those who have performed there.


Carnival lasts 4 dates, but the most important of all is the first day, where the best dancers are on Vía 40 from early in the morning until 7:00pm with the best costumes.

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If you´re lucky, you will find the queen of Barranquilla´s carnivals on Calle 72 dancing salsa. But for being sure, attends her coronation in the stadium of the city.

Finally, don´t get angry if someone throws cornstarch, foam or water in your face, it's quite a tradition and most of the people enjoy it.

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