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12 TV Friendships We'll Never Get Over

Ain't nobody messing with their clique, clique, clique.

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1. Pam and Jim — The Office


Yes, they did end up together romantically but they were best friends first — each other's go-to during the long days at Dunder Mifflin. And they were definitely a dynamic duo when it came to pulling a prank on Dwight.

2. Brooke and Peyton — One Tree Hill

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This friendship hit its fair share of bumps in the road (the Lucas love triangle to be more specific) but through all of the cat fights and fist fights (remember that time they went at each other on Peyton's front lawn?) we always knew these two would work it out. They drifted apart for a brief time after graduation, but thankfully they realized they needed each other in their lives.

3. Troy and Abed — Community


Troy and Abed in the morning. These two made Community what it was. When one of them was without the other it just felt wrong. They do everything we do (or want to do) with our bestie — movie marathons, building blanket forts, and hosting their own talk show (it's totally real, don't argue).

4. Seth and Ryan — The O.C.


Honestly, I think we all with we had someone like Seth Cohen in our lives. But his quirky and sarcastic demeanor combined with the brooding and dry-humored Ryan made for one hilarious and adventurous friendship. Through all the laughs, girl troubles, and road trips gone wrong (Tijuana, anyone?) their friendship was envious to all fans.

5. Christina and Meredith — Grey's Anatomy


Every time we hear "you're my person" our hearts grow two more sizes. They were smart, strong women who accepted each other for their flaws and celebrated their strengths. They always had each other's backs, and we couldn't help but wish we were with them when they cuddled in bed and drank wine after a long day at work.

Christina's departure from the show was tough to deal with, to say the least. But these two taught us a lot about what real friendship means.

6. Esposito and Ryan — Castle


An epic bromance right here, partners in crime (solving crimes, not committing them). Their banter kept us laughing and their falling out had us in tears, but their friendship was always more than work-based and it melted our hearts. We could only hope for someone to have our back the way they had each other's. There's even Javier and Ryan fan fiction!

7. Rachel and Kurt — Glee


This friendship took a while to come together, but these two were meant for an epic friendship. They supported each other's big NYC dreams, even when Rachel was accepted into NYADA and Kurt was not. They've had a few minor feuds but they never lasted long, thank goodness. The end of the series saw their friendship reach a new level of "aww" with Kurt's moving speech on the lives they changed at McKinley.

#Hummelberry for life (or #Kurtchel, whichever you prefer).

8. Nick and Schmidt — New Girl


New Girl wouldn't be the same without this hilarious friendship. They've been best friends since college and clearly they're able to embrace each other's quirks. The actors have even urged the show's writers to write more scenes for the two of them, which we are 100% on board with. They play off each other effortlessly which brings all the laughs.

9. Howard and Raj — The Big Bang Theory


The friendship/bromance/romance of Howard and Raj are the cutest non-couple couple. They never shy away from intimate moments like a hug, an afternoon nap, even a romantic roller rink date. And when the jokes become sexual it only becomes funnier.

10. Jack and Karen — Will & Grace


If you're a Will & Grace fan, you will never hear the phrase "Who's your daddy?" the same way again, thanks to Karen Walker and Jack McFarland. Their personalities were larger than life which made for some so-funny-it-hurts TV moments. They were joined at the hip and arguably the best duo on the show. Their crazy antics always made us envious.

11. Cory and Shawn — Boy Meets World


All '90s kids that grew up with Cory and Shawn understand the importance of their relationship. They were basically like an old married couple. Cory was Shawn's rock through all of his family drama, and their friendship only strengthened with time. Their friendship was one for the television ages. And getting to see that their still best buds on Girl Meets World gives us all the feels.

12. Joey and Chandler — Friends


Saved the best for last: J Man and Channy. We don't even want to imagine what our lives would've been like if Chandler has chosen someone else as his roommate all those years ago. Even when they were going through a bit of a tiff, they still managed to have us in stitches. Whether it was Chandler in a box on Thanksgiving or Joey wearing all of Chandler's clothes, every moment was priceless. They've shared more hugs than we can count and the make mean dance partners.

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