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Remembering #Zouis

After yesterday's obvious riff between Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, let's remember the good times between one of our favourite bromances.

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Remember how adorable they were together during the One Thing video?

That time Louis playfully slapped Zayn and Liam.

When they pointed to each other like "yeah, this guy's awesome".

And that time Zayn had his arm around one of his best friends, probably sharing something hilarious.

Can't forget their epic umbrella fight during the filming of the One Thing video.

Look at them being so cool.


And the wonderful video that perfectly summed up the Zouis relationship.

View this video on YouTube / Via

You couldn't deny the love.

Remember when this happened?

Or this...

And finally, the moment that had us in the fetal position.



R.I.P. Zouis….for now.

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