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20 Times Taylor Swift Gave You Style Envy

She's got that red lip classic thing that we like.

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1. When she looked gorgeous in gold.

2. When she made midriff cleavage the sexiest kind.

3. And then she did it again with a retro twist.

4. When she nailed the all-black off duty look.

5. When she looked like a badass rocker chick in a leather jacket and knee high boots.

6. When she looked heavenly in a sexy and sleek white suit.

7. When she was equal parts cute and warm in her plaid cape.

8. That GORGEOUS aqua Elie Saab gown.

9. When she looked effortlessly chic in a striped sweater, skinny jeans and flats.

10. When she rocked a long sleeve printed body suit.

That pose. #Fierce

That pose. #Fierce

11. When she perfectly pulled off the shirt-dress.

12. Those times when she rocked a romper.

13. When she perfected the pastel separates.

14. When she wore shorts that made her legs go on for miles.

15. When she dressed up a band shirt with a plaid skirt.

Nailed it.

Nailed it.

16. When she looked like a boho goddess.

17. When she looked downright regal.

18. When she let her red dress do all the talking.

19. When she punched up her all-back look with a white leather jacket.

20. When she gave us both friendship and style envy with Karlie Kloss.

She'll never go out of style.

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