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15 Times Sharpay Evans Was The Real Star Of High School Musical

She was the queen of East High, people.

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1. When she would except nothing less than fabulous.

2. When she just didn't have time to deal with people.

3. When she made sure Ryan knew the "ladies first" rule.

4. When her pre-show rituals were essential.

5. When she didn't have time for the outside world because she had to perform.

6. When her friendship with Gabriella became too precious for words.

7. When her graduation style was FIERCE.

8. When her hair was so fabulous that it almost took out Troy's eyes.

9. When she danced her way into our hearts.

10. When she commanded a presence just by walking up the stairs.

11. Every time she owned her fierceness.

12. When the halls parted like the Red Sea for her.

13. When her dreams were as big as her personality.

14. When her locker was prettier than anything we owned.

15. When Troy landed a Sharpay selfie.


It was in a dream….but it still counts.

Sharpay Evans, ladies and gentlemen.

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