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    14 Times Kate Beckett From "Castle" Made Being A Detective Look Good

    Smart. Cunning. Beautiful. Takes down the bad guys…in HEELS.

    Kate Beckett is the best detective on television.

    1. She's sassy as hell.

    2. Her hair game is always strong.

    3. She has the biggest heart.

    4. Her relationship with Castle is perfect.

    5. She can take down criminals in any outfit.

    6. Seriously, she takes them down in HEELS.

    7. She's just the best dressed detective we've ever seen.

    8. She has a hilarious best friend.

    9. Look at those dance moves.

    10. She's adorable when she's excited.

    11. She's been through hell and back and managed to only become stronger because of it.

    12. She always has her team's backs.

    13. She can sling a damn gun.

    14. No one is safe from Kate Beckett.