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13 Times Blake Shelton Was The Coolest Person In The Room

The country rocker with the best sense of humor.

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1. When he threw some sass Adam Levine's way.


2. When he asked really insightful questions.

3. When Adam gave us another reason to worship him.


10 bucks says he's a Niall man.

4. When his lack of understanding slang was just too much.

5. When he did this little footsies-dance with Usher.

6. When he was all of us in the car.

7. When even he couldn't deny the allure of Luke Bryan.

8. All the #BlakeAndMiranda moments.


Hot damn.

9. When his attitude was on point.

10. When he gave us one of the best bromances of all time.


Blake and Adam 4Ever.

11. When he refused to be made the fool.

12. When his selfie game was pretty damn strong.


feat. a blonde wig.

13. Was there really any other team to pick?

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