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16 Times We've All Wanted To Throw A Christmas Day Hissy Fit


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1. When you do an in-depth gift comparison and realize your parents spent more on your sibling / Via


2. When you are 100% sure it's one present but it somehow turns out to be another

Nick Larse / Via

***insert this is why we can't have nice things quote***

3. When you want it to be presents time already but nobody in their right mind is up yet

Goal: make as much "accidental" noise as possible.
Raymond Marek / Via Raymond Marek

Goal: make as much "accidental" noise as possible.

4. When there has LITERALLY been a never-ending blizzard for the past month but somehow YOU STILL DON'T GET A WHITE CHRISTMAS

TBH it should be illegal for New England to not have a white christmas every year / Via

TBH it should be illegal for New England to not have a white christmas every year

5. When your parents stop signing all your gifts with "from Santa" BUT you are not done believing / Via

I will never stop believing.

6. When you haven't had any time to enjoy all your new stuff and the family party is about to start / Via


7. When you get so excited over clothes but then realize mom & dad STILL don't know your size

Raymond Marek / Via Raymond Marek

"It's been two decades HOW DO YOU STILL NOT GET ME???"

8. When your cousins have cooler gifts and you beg them to share with you / Via

Family comes first, amiright? Also, pay it forward guys. For me.

9. When you tryna play with your new present but mom and dad haven't set it up yet / Via

Yeah guys, the trampoline is cool and all...but ima need a helping hand.

10. When you find out they took a risk and strayed off the Christmas list / Via

i know the thought is what counts but TOO MUCH IS ON THE LINE.

11. When you have really high expectations for the stocking but it doesn't live up to the hype / Via

Especially when the stockings ARE FORGOTTEN cough*mom*cough*2009

12. When you find your presents before Christmas Day and you realize you just ruined all the fun / Via

"I hate my life I hate my life I hate my life"

13. When you open a present you straight up didn't want and don't have the energy to feign happiness / Via giphy. com

Unhappy and not afraid to show it.

14. When your family drags you to mass in -242984 degree weather on Christmas Eve / Via

Apparently it doesn't matter that you haven't been to mass all year.

15. When it takes you 40 minutes to unwrap your gift only to find out it's the worlds smallest present / Via

The bigger, the better..they said.

16. When you realize there are no presents left to unwrap / Via

I guesssssss it's time to start the countdown until next year....

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