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15 Halloween Costumes These Pets Never Asked For

Yeah, you got a cute photo of your kitten but at WHAT COST!?!?

Posted on / Via

It all starts out so innocent -- just a turtle dressed up as a ghost / Via

But in all the cuteness you forgot to weigh THEIR feelings... / Via


and CATS and SHARKS...come on man. They don't even live in the same ecosystem. / Via

read the room man, this guy is not happy. / Via

so close yet so far away for this little guy / Via

Friendships are now destroyed... / Via

What at one point looked so fun on TV became an actual real life nightmare. / Via

This guy can't even WALK! / Via

Now they are just becoming violent / Via

Andddd...just look at em': these dogs are not having it. / Via

"WHY CAN'T I CHOOSE MY OWN COSTUME" - 100% what this dog dressed up as a woolly mammoth is thinking rn. / Via

This kitten is disowning you. / Via

This angel clearly hates ALL angels. / Via

But this guy was definitely the clearest when it came to his opinion. SPOILER: he wasn't happy.

****BEWARE PEOPLE. These pets will one day get revenge.****

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