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  • Latina/o Sexuality

    Latinas already have a variety of social forces to fight in order to survive in the world, and another constant battle that doesn’t seem to end soon is the power over their sexuality. Latina women are controlled by a patriarchal society that tells them how they should act and what their gender expectations are according to their sexuality. Latinas are hypersexualized and expected to be sexually passive and ignorant; these expectations are perpetuated by religion, class, and patriarchal society. These stereotypes about Latina sexuality are enforced through music, media, and even policies. In my buzzfeed I will present evidence of how Latinas are portrayed in media, misconceptions about sexuality, differences between conceptualizations of sexuality, sexual education among Latino communities and how the type or lack of sexual education effects Latinos, and new identities that Latinos are taking on in order to challenge gender norms in Latin American cultures.

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