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8 Songs So Amazing You Can't Believe They Didn't Win Eurovision

Eurovision is almost upon us once again, with the grand-final descending upon our senses next month. Eurovision has spurned many hits over the years but what about the other hits that missed out on the glory? Sit back down Celine, Loreen, Lordi, Abba and J-Lo(gan) - this is the best of the close but no cigar gang:

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Just A Little Bit – Gina G – UK – 1996

Finished: 8th

Beaten by: Eimear Quinn -The Voice (Ireland)

With that dress, those backing dancers and them moves, it's a downright travesty the song didn't fair better. Gina's energetic dance track is still a favourite at parties today. Oh, and now the chorus is stuck in your head too, isn't it?

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The Worrying Kind – The Ark – Sweden – 2007

Finished: 18th

Beaten by: Marija Šerifović – Molitva (Serbia)

The Ark's offering was a dazzling display of all things neo-Eurovision – bright, bolshy, catchy and positively psychedelic. The performance also included a mid-song striptease courtesy of lead singer Ola Salo. Despite the pop-rock fun-ness of it all that made McBusted look like Queen, The Ark finished just 18th in the competition.

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Volare - Domenico Modugno – Italy - 1958

Finished: 3rd

Beaten by: Dors, mon amour – André Claveau (France)

Wait a second – you know this song don't you? Well, you should. Modungo's masterpiece has been covered by everyone from Bowie to Sinatra and used in a plethora of films including Woody Allen's To Rome With Love. The song is widely considered to be one of the best the competition has ever produced and yet it placed just 3rd in the competition. Altogether now, - volarrreeeeee

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We've Got The World Tonight – Mickey Harte – Ireland -2003

Finished: 11th

Beaten by: Everyway That I Can – Sertab Erener – Turkey

Ireland is no stranger to Eurovision glory, having won the competition a record seven times. Still, it was a travesty that Mickey Harte's adorable, up-tempo, guitar-lead number complete with in-sync swaying backing singers didn't set Europe alight. A favourite among Irish couples as a first dance song throughout the early noughties, it left Irish people with the same question on their lips – 'Is everyway even a word?'

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Not Alone – Aram Mp3 – Armenia – 2014

Finished: 4th

Beaten by: Rise Like A Phoenix – Conchita Wurst – Austria

One of Conchita's closest competitors last year, Aram Mp3 proved he had music(al formats) not just in his name but in his blood. This ballad was a slow-builder but when that dupstep kicked in we all knew we were in some amazing Eurovision territory. Alas, Aram was likely a strong competitor in an even stronger year. Maybe some other time, Dubstep, maybe some other time.

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Divine – Sébastien Tellier – France – 2008

Finished: 19th

Beaten by: Believe – Dima Bilan (Russia)

No, that is not Joe Wilkinson you see before you, it is in fact Sebastian Tellier, France's 2008 entry and all-round eccentric. Arriving on stage in a French-flag adorned golf buggy and accompanied by an array of, ahem, 'identical' backing singers, Tellier's Divine is considered one of France's best entries in years despite its fairly poor finishing place. It doesn't appear to matter, however– Tellier is likely to be rolling in the royalties with the song later being used on Renault Megane advertisements. Tellier could easily assume the tile of Eurovision Entrant Who Literally Gave Zero F**ks.

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Dancing Lasha Tumbai - Verka Serduchka – Ukraine – 2007

Finished: 2nd

Beaten by: Marija Šerifović – Molitva (Serbia)

No, we don't know what's going on either, but alas, we don't care. Ukraine's quirky 2007 entry was pipped into second place but its legacy remains. The lyrics and their meaning remain a mystery but it cannot be said that Verka didn't put the effort in. Accompanied by bejewelled backing singers, dancers and an accordion player, Verka circuited the stage giving said backing singers (encouraging?) smacks on the behind as he passed. The song later went on to chart in a number of other European countries.

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Congratulations – Cliff Richards – UK – 1968

Finished: 2nd

Beaten by: La la la – Massiel (Spain)

What? You didn't know this was a Eurovision entry? Darling, where have you been since 1968? Cliff's matrimonial ditty was just pushed into second place, but regardless, the track grew legs of its own and is as customary at weddings today as family brawling, cocktail sausages and two day hangovers.

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