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5 Ways To Make Your Super Bowl Party Lit

Are you tired of sitting alone in the corner eating your weird uncle's buffalo chicken dip? Well, if so, here are some tips to really spice up your super bowl party.

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Invite a Funny Fat Person.

Poor diet + slightly racist comedy = a night everyone will remember. Funny fat dudes can really bring a group of people together, not because they have a gravitational force, but because they will make some wisecracks that will have you ROTFL.

Watch The Commercials

Dude. Those f*kin commercials are hilar bro. You see the doritos one, lmao. And that Budweiser puppy will have you in tears. If you really want your party to be super lit, tell people to shut their mouths when the commercials are on. And when the game is on too. Pretty much no talking and your super bowl party will be the talk of the town.

Have Food

No one likes a party that doesnt have a bowl of chips where everyone licks their fingers and goes back for more. Fat people and skinny instagram models always say, "Food is the way to my heart." That is true, which is why I always say, "If you want your super bowl party to be lit, put out some buffalo chicken dip."

Put a Party Hat on the Closest Dog.

Dogs = S'cutest things around. Dogs with party hats on = probably the funniest shit in the world. Yeah, your wierd uncle may have poured some beer in your dogs water bowl, but who cares if hes too drunk to walk up stairs, he has a f*king party hat on.

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