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37 Times Harry Styles Ruined Your Life In 2014

2014 was a glorious year for the roguishly handsome boyband superstar. Let's take a look at some of his best moments...

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1. When he stepped out in a perfect green jacket that matched his perfect green eyes

2. Whenever he graced us with a glimpse of his perfect chest

3. When he went all Ace Ventura on us

4. Whenever he went shirtless

5. Which thankfully was a lot

6. You're killing us Harold

7. Whenever someone thought it was ok to give him children



10. When he and Niall's bromance conquered all at a charity football match

11. When we witnessed the world's most beautifully executed crotch grabs



14. When he and Ed Sheeran shared this adorable brotastic moment

15. When he arrived to the NRJ awards looking mighty fine

NRJ Music Awards / Via

NRJ Music Awards

16. When Liam poured water down his already drenched white t-shirt

17. When he stepped out in a silk shirt that perfectly outlined all four of his nipples

18. When he made this adorable face on stage

19. When he rocked the "guy with a hat and toothpick" look

20. Whenever his friends posted instagrams like this one

21. When he seductively licked his finger and we all died a little bit inside

22. When he came out on stage with this perfectly executed man bun that put all other man buns to shame

23. And then this happened...

24. When he then rocked the man bun AND a trench coat

25. When he looked this good in a shirt that had to of come from a goodwill

26. When he make this pumpkin the luckiest pumpkin alive

27. The night he was an honorary cheetah girl

28. When we were graced with this clip of him recording Where Do Broken Hearts Go

and we will never be the same again because of it..

29. When he showed up to a wedding looking like this

30. Any and everytime he graced us with his perfect smile





35. When he slayed the X Factor finale in a flamingo shirt

36. Then grinded on Ronnie Wood and we all wanted nothing more than to be Ronnie Wood

37. And finally this smirk that rips your heart out and stomps on it to the beat of Act of My Age

Thanks Harry for an amazing 2014, and may 2015 bring many more glorious man bun filled moments.

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