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All 37 Of Muhammad Ali's Career Knock Outs

Remembering the boxing legend through some of his greatest achievements inside the ring.

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1. December 27, 1960 — Miami

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Ali's (then Cassius Clay) first knock out win against Herb Silver. Ali beat Herb Siler by TKO at 1:00 in round 4 of 8.

This was only his second professional fight after his 1960 Rome Olympics Light-Heavyweight gold medal.

5. April 19, 1961 — Louisville, KY

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Ali beats LaMar Clark by KO at 1:27 in round 2 of 8.

This was the first fight in which Clay predicted the KO round.

"My first prediction was against LaMar Clark. I just had the feeling that he must fall. I said he would fall in two and he did." - Cassius Clay

8. February 10, 1962 — Madison Square Garden

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Ali beat Sonny Banks by TKO at 0:26 in round 4 of 10.

"That was my first time knocked down as a professional. I had to get up to take care of things after that because it was rather embarrassing, me on the floor. As you know, I think that I'm the greatest and I'm not supposed to be on the floor, so I had to get up and put him on out, in four as I predicted," said Ali after the fight.

16. February 25, 1964 — Miami

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In their first meeting Sonny Liston loses to Ali at 3:00 in round 6 of 15.

Sports Illustrated named this fight, in which Ali won his first heavy weight championship, the fourth greatest sports moment of the 20th century.

21. September 10, 1966 — Frankfurt, Germany

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In the first world heavyweight title bout ever held in Germany, Ali beat Karl Mildenberger by TKO at 1:30 in round 12 of 15. In 1973, Ali said that Mildenberger was his most difficult opponent to date.

22. November 14, 1966 — Houston, TX

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Ali beats Cleveland Williams by TKO at 1:08 in round 3 of 15.

This fight is considered by many to be Ali's best performance.

"Ali's jab had never been as blinding; his feet had never seemed so light; his combinations had never flowed so effortlessly." The Ring: Boxing The 20th Century

23. March 22, 1967 — Madison Square Garden

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Ali beats Zora Folley by KO at 1:48 in round 7 of 15.

This is Ali's last fight for three and a half years, following his refusal to be drafted into the U.S. Army in April. Ali had unsuccessfully sought draft exemption as a conscientious objector.

"It is the light of my consciousness as a Muslim minister and my own personal convictions that I take my stand in rejecting the call to be inducted in the armed services. I have searched my conscience and I find I cannot be true to my belief in my religion by accepting such a call," Ali said on April 28, 1967

24. October 26, 1970 — Atlanta

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Ali's first fight since he was convicted of draft evasion. With the help of then Georgia State Senator Leroy Johnson, Ali was able to get a boxing license in Georgia.

Ali beat Jerry Quarry by TKO in round 3 of 15.

25. December 7, 1920 — Madison Square Garden

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Ali beats Oscar Bonavena by TKO at 2:03 in round 15 of 15.

"He'll be mine in nine," Ali predicted, but the grueling 15-round fight ended up being one of his toughest.

26. July 26, 1971 — Houston, TX

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Ali beats Jimmy Ellis by TKO at 2:10 in round 12 of 12.

Ali's first fight since his epic showdown (and loss) against Joe Frazier in March. A month earlier, on June 18, the Supreme Court overturned Ali's 1967 draft evasion conviction.

32. October 30, 1974 — Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

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The legendary "Rumble in the Jungle," saw World Heavyweight Champion George Foreman face off against former champion and #1 contender Ali, in one of the most famous fights of all time.

Ali developed his "rope-a-dope" strategy in which he let Foreman tire himself out while Ali took punches against the rope.

Foreman loses to Ali by KO at 2:58 in round 8 of 15.

Seven years after being stripped of the title, Ali had finally regained the World Heavyweight Championship.

35. October 1, 1975 — Quezon City, Manilla, Phillippines

Sports Illustrated / Via

Dubbed "The Thrilla in Manilla," the climactic third clash between bitter rivals Ali and Joe Frazier is often considered one of the greatest sporting events in history.

After 14 grueling rounds (out of 15), Ali was declared the winner at 3:00.

"Joe Frazier, I'll tell the world right now, brings out the best in me. I'm gonna tell ya, that's one helluva man, and God bless him," said Ali after the fight.

36. February 20, 1976 — San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Ali beats Jean-Pierre Coopman by KO at 2:46 in round 5 of 15.

"The final punch in the fifth round—a right uppercut whipping up like a scythe flashing in the sun—stunned the thick Belgian and a shove left him groping serenely about the floor," said Mark Kram in SI

37. May 24, 1976 — Munich, Germany

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Ali beats Richard Dunn by TKO at 2:05 in round 5 of 15.

While he would go on to win four more fights, this was Ali's last knock out victory.

His final record would be 56 Wins (37 by KO), 5 Losses, 0 Draws.

RIP Muhammad Ali, 1942-2016

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