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    8 Manly Cocktails That You Should Be Drinking

    The drink you order says a lot about you. Cheap, heavy beer like a Bud, says, "I don't change my bed sheets." Wine says "I think I'm fancy, but I probably have no clue what this is." Shots tell everyone, "My role model is Jersey Shore's Paulie D." But a cocktail can say much more. It can tell the world you're a nuanced gentleman, or that you've seen one episode of Mad Men. Order up these eight underrated cocktails and you'll immediately up your manliness.

    1. Boilermaker

    2. Gimlet

    3. Daiquiri

    4. Negroni

    5. Mint Julep

    6. Sidecar

    7. Sazerac

    8. Martini