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    • rjbulaong

      These videos areagreat example of what men and women learn from society…. and what’s holding them back from becoming good. None of these videos have anythingaguy can use to attract women. Seduction is an art…  The art of seduction and attraction takes skill-and here’s what’s beautiful about that, anyone can learn skill… yes, even if the guy’s ugly or short.  For the man, looks areasmall part of what creates attraction for her. All women know about the good looking guy who opens his mouth, and she wanders off never to talk to him again-or the fat bald man with the hot 22 year old.  Women, if taken through the artful process of seduction-will allow herself to be seduced and will want to be seduced. It’s the mans responsibility to understand the seduction process and the mating psychology. For most women, there is no yes or no category forawoman for the guy who knows good game.  Fine. The reason why men and women don’t understand each others seduction process is because they are attracted to different characteristics and attributes in each other. The human species have existed for millions of years, and only since around 40,000 years have we beenapart ofacommunity society where before this time, we lived in tribes. For the past millions of years, we have evolved traits that had and haveasimple purpose-and that is to survive and replicate. There are now then two values we seek in each other that have made the human very successful in it’s evolution-that isS&Rvalues-Survival and Replication values. We have developed an unconscious and ‘hard-wired’ deep attraction for these traits. Good. Men are attracted to certain traits in women that demonstrate reproduction values because men don’t look for women for survival values-as they’re the provider of this. Women are attracted to traits in men that demonstrate survival values because they don’t look to men for replication or reproduction values. Knowing and understanding these traits are the key to beginning to unlock the process of courtship or learning the art of seduction. In brief, here are some…. Men are attracted to reproduction values from women such as: long lustrous healthy hair, hip to waist ratio, size of breast, facial symmetry, youthful voice…. any characteristics that indicate youth-for youth indicateabetter ability to reproduce. Here’s what women look for in men: leadership status (alpha male), strength (and any attribute that indicate this such as fitness), alliance with other high value men (high survival value, that is), ability to lead other men (leader of the ‘tribe’), resources (in todays world, it’ll be monetary value)…. any characteristic that indicate survival value-and men who have these innately exude “confidence” So now, he must demonstrate these values and she must demonstrate these values-and she’s very good at this (makeup, sexy figure, etc.)… See, men are attracted immediately to beauty, and women are attracted immediately to “confidence” or any demonstration of high survival value.  Fine. So here’s what I’m saying. Attraction is notachoice. Women will always base their attraction decisions based on their hard-wired emotions and she will always rationalize her conscious and logical thoughts to make sense of these hardwired feelings. She now, in order to attract men, can demonstrate high reproduction value by havinganice figure, putting on makeup to accentuate youthful beauty, have healthy lustrous hair, have nice tits and implant if she needs em (likeIsaid, attraction isn’tachoice), and take care of her beauty. Men must then learn the art of seduction and the mating psychology so that he can take her through HER OWN process of seduction-because she is the chooser.Awoman of beauty hasalot of options-a9ora10 live an incredibly different life than 6s, 7s, and 8s… they’re pretty much hit on everyday and that’s been the case since they were 17-18. If you want to learn how to attract, REALLY become skilled and competent in game, you can contact me-I don’t coach anymore, but I’m thinking about coachingafew guys exclusively-contact me at my site: http://empowernetwork.com/bulaong-leadership

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