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Why Aeon Flux Was The Most Mindblowing Animated Show Ever

Aeon Flux began as a series of minute shorts on MTV's animated showcase Liquid Television. Like Beavis and Butthead, Flux graduated from the shortform to a half-hour program. Live-action remake notwithstanding, Aeon Flux became one of the most though-provoking animated shows. Here's why.

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A morally ambiguous hero...

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The Monican spy Aeon wasn't exactly a hero. She often had her own selfish agenda, that contradicted the national interests of Monica. Along the way, a lot of characters became casualties of her goals.

Influence from different art forms

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Before Aeon Flux, Peter Chung had sketched the unaired pilot of Nickelodeon's Rugrats. Aeon Flux also draws inspiration from the art of Egon Schiele, Jean Giraud and the animated films Heavy Metal and Akira.

You can give it, you can even buy it, but you might..not..get it.

The show's inconsistent story and vague plot will probably leave a lot of viewers confused. The broken continuity between episodes defies the completionist tendency of today's TV audience. Nevertheless, If you're up for a challenge, MTV has the entire series up on their website (sorry, US viewers only)

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