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24 Secrets Male Models Will Never Tell You

What really goes on behind the camera?

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2. Agency walk-ins to get signed are brutal.

20th Century Fox

If you're an aspiring model who hasn't been scouted on the streets, then you have to do agency walk-ins. This is where all the agents and bookers look you up and down to decide if you "have what it takes". Sometimes even the receptionist joins in.

4. We hate the fact that we have to keep going to the gym.

Instagram: @benjamindrayton

Maintaining the body you need to be a model is almost a full-time job itself.


5. We get a lot of time off between jobs.

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You sit and wait around for the castings to come in, and even when they do, you're never guaranteed to land any. Then, if you're lucky enough to get something, you often have to wait up to three months to get paid.

6. Getting naked in front of everyone is just a standard thing.

famenfashion / Via Tumblr

When you're a model you're just expected to get naked and changed wherever they want you to – it doesn't matter who's looking.

8. As soon as people find out we're models they normally assume we love ourselves.

Paramount Pictures

As soon as you say the words "I'm a model" people's presumptions about you start flying all over the place.


11. We have to do a lot of free work in the early stages of our career.

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12. So we hate the word "TFP".

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Models are normally expected to go out and pad their portfolios. Unless you want to pay £500 and be scammed, we normally have to do TFP (Time for Prints) where a photographer and model work together for free.


13. There is a huge difference between being a high-fashion model and a commercial model.

Calvin Klein / Via Giphy

High-fashion models are the ones who land the high-fashion jobs and the catwalks, whereas commercial models land all the day-to-day brands. Surprisingly, there's more money in being a commercial model than being a high-fashion one.

14. In the modelling world, landing a huge modelling campaign is like winning an Oscar.

ABC / Via Tumblr

Managing to get your face on a billboard or in a magazine for a major brand/designer is the definition of success.

15. The hair and makeup chair is just a bunch of people prodding and poking you.

Instagram: @moss_inno

There is a lot of pressure on hair and makeup artists to make you look your best, so much so that they often don't realise how much they're prodding and poking you.

16. Our walk is one of our most important skills.

Passion Distribution / Via Tumblr

If we're lucky, our agents will watch our walk and give us some helpful hints. If we're not so lucky, we'll be shown up and blasted in our castings when we walk for the client.


20. Modelling isn’t a 9-to-5 job.

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Shoot days can last up to 20 hours and can take place at any time.


24. But if we're lucky, we get to visit some amazing countries.

Instagram: @ezhphotography

We sometimes travel to some amazing parts of the world, even if it's often only for a day or two.