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    • Rixterix

      Benjamin Sapiens, consider this, which after all is a logical extension of your argument…Say I want a Muslim baker to bake a cake for Easter saying “Jesus Christ, Son of the Most High God”. Would it be discrimination against ME if they refuse on religious grounds to bake that cake? Would that make the Muslim baker a bigot? Or, should I have more respect for the Muslim baker, realizing his sincere beliefs, and go elsewhere (maybe not even going there in the first place)? I say, we’re called to have Peace as much as possible, and be Tolerant of those who have different beliefs than we do.

    • Rixterix

      “Arizona House Passes Religious Discrimination Bill, Sending To Governor”. Boy, what a leading and biased headline that is. I won’t be talking to the choir here. My take however is this. The Christian bakers and photographers refused on religious grounds to bake the cakes and photoshoot the ceremony. Christian beliefs do say that homosexuality is wrong. The bakers and photographers do not want to compromise their sincere religious beliefs. It’s a matter of conscience. So, why don’t they get an accomodation for that? After all, doctors in many parts of the country can refuse to perform abortions based on their conscience. People can join the military and be given “Conscientious Objector” status. So, let’s do it here too. That will respect religious freedom. The gays won’t loose anything either - there are plenty of businesses who would bake their cakes and photoshoot their ceremonies.

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