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Happy International Women's Day!

Riverhead Books is proud to be the "most feminist publisher" (The New Republic). Here are some of our sensational women writers you won't want to miss in 2014!

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“I always thought it was the saddest and most devastating ending. How you could have these enormous dreams that never get met. How without knowing it you could just make yourself smaller over time. I don't want that to happen to me.” -The Interestings


"There was no self-consciousness between them, no sort of shame or embarrassment: they had passed through all that, she thought, their eyes glowing with triumph and wonder, as easily as runners breasting the ribbon at the end of a track."-The Paying Guests


"I came to understand the world could be a smaller and less hostile place if you engaged with others the way my parents did." -Looking for Palestine: Growing Up Confused in an Arab-American Family


"Study your carpet. The hands of three generations of illiterate women created it. Its knots fasten wedding songs and women's murmurs. The metronome of a sickle blade and the buzzing of noon flies. An old woman's breath as she, at last, sat down on the floor to rest." -The World is a Carpet


"By 1975, there had been other female rock journalists—Ellen Sander, Lillian Roxon, Gloria Stavers, Ellen Willis, Janet Maslin—but there were no other women journalists on that Stones tour. The rock world always was, and still is, predominantly a boys’ club. Often, I was the only woman in the room and certainly the only one who wasn’t sleeping with any of them. I wanted to keep everything professional, to get the stories. For me, the lure was always the music.." -There Goes Gravity: A Life in Rock and Roll