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  • The Six Best Narcissists Of The Oval Office

    “Diffident people don’t get to the White House. Humble people don’t get to the White House. As surely as you have to be a natural-born citizen and at least thirty-five years old to seek the presidency at all, so too do you have to be a shameless, chest-thumping, unapologetic narcissist—however discreetly you might try to conceal that fact.” –Jeffrey Kluger, The Narcissist Next Door In honor of Jeffrey’ Kluger’s new book, The Narcissist Next Door (on sale now), here’s a round-up of the six best presidential narcissists who led our country with a “level of vanity that seems to border on madness.”


    In honor of Fathers’ Day, we’ve rounded up some of the top pops in literature – fun dads, strict dads, and men who fill the role of fathers to other men’s children. These titles make perfect gifts for Dear Old Dad or anytime reminders to give your old man a call.

  • Dystopic Reads For 2014

    The ocean is rising. A man gets shot in a movie theater for texting. Fukushima is still leaking radioactive material into the Pacific, and West Virginia has methylcyclohexene methanol poisoning the drinking water. And that’s just last week: how bad will things be by the next century? Some of our finest literary writers have predicted what our future might look like, reminding us all that it could be much, much worse.

  • The Illustrated Junot Diaz

    Who better than comic artist Jaime Hernandez to bring to life the fictional world of Junot Diaz? Here’s a sneak preview of the extremely limited, special slipcased, illustrated edition of the New York Times bestseller This Is How You Lose Her

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