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11 Random Excuses For Having A Party

Football season may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never see your friends again. There are endless excuses to get together. Where there's a will there's a party and enjoy some RITZ Crackers.

1. Day That Ends in "Y" Party

2. A Shower Shower

3. We’ll Get ‘Em Next Year Party

4. Not Going Anywhere Party

5. Tee Party

6. Ungagement Party

7. This Party Was Paid for by the Change We Found in Our Couch Cushions

8. Surprise Party for Your Dog

9. Prove to Your Crush You Have Friends Party

10. Birthday Party for the Pile of Laundry in Your Bedroom

11. Superb Owl Party

There's always an excuse to get the party started, even if the only football being played is in your dreams. All you need is a little imagination, because there's a RITZ Cracker recipe for every occasion.