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    15 Tips That Seriously Helped Me Get Over A Broken Heart

    I swear, these go beyond grabbing a giant tub of ice cream!

    1. Some exercise REALLY helps.

    2. Talk to your people!

    3. Clean up! Seriously!

    4. Read a book.

    5. Make plans to go out!

    6. Start a playlist that's yours!

    7. Try therapy if you haven't already.

    8. Try meditation.

    9. Take a break from social media. Please.

    10. Rewatch some of your favourite movies.

    11. Take yourself out on a date.

    12. Change the cutesy names. I am begging you.

    13. Put the time and love into other things. It works, trust me.

    14. Mute them on all socials. Just do it!

    15. And finally, go get that tub of ice cream.