12 Times Bollywood Movies Gave Us Horrible Advice

    6 din, ladki in was really not cool.

    1. Changing how you dress will make people fall in love with you, because nobody wants you when you're being yourself.

    2. If you stalk someone enough, they will fall in love with you.

    3. Telling women they belong in the kitchen.

    4. The person you love has to love you back, or you're worthless.

    5. That it is okay for women to get physically violent out of jealousy.

    6. And making your partner jealous is how you get their attention.

    7. People with commitment issues ALWAYS change if they find "the one".

    8. Not respecting boundaries of women or anyone for that matter.

    9. You secretly love your best friend, even if you don't know it yet.

    10. Equating being gay with being spoilt.

    11. Treating women like objects and manipulating them.

    12. Manipulating your best friend is okay.