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    Make Your Models Look Naturally Stunning And Not Barbie Dolls!

    Just the right amount of image enhancement retains natural beauty of your model!

    The recent Photoshop debacle of Victoria's Secret model raised many questions on image enhancement and retouching used for models! Since, the advent of various advanced technologies, digital enhancement has found a place in various business domains, especially in the fashion industry. However; over a period of time, it has come under fire for portraying (and promoting) unreal and unhealthy body images.

    Image retouching is a highly debatable topic where some feel it is absolutely fine for magazines whether fashion or beauty related to have photo shopped images, while some are totally against this practice of altering the reality. And with numerous such instances where photo enhancement has gone over-board resulting into oddly-proportionate body parts (like a Barbie Doll!) has caught the attention.

    One should know that image enhancement and retouching in Fashion industry is a double-edged razor!

    It has always faced harsh criticism but, you cannot ignore its usefulness in fashion industry. A fashion photographer encounters numerous problems while taking that perfect shot! Sometimes, bad lighting ruins outdoor photo-shoot session. They might have to deal with the menace of photobombing. If everything goes well, fine details like flying hair, threads, unwanted shadows or red-eye takes away all the charm from image.

    A camera, no matter how proficient and advance, does not guarantee completely flawless results. A professional photographer has to frequently deal with these crucial problems while meeting the deadlines. In such situations, having another photo-shoot is certainly unfeasible an option.

    No need to trash the images, instead get it retouched!

    Photo enhancement and retouching circumvent the issues that you might come across while trying to capture the shot. The images which become blur or dull due to bad lighting can be fixed and converted into high-definition photos and then can be used on any media – print and electronic, alike. Moreover, it is not just limited to removing noises or correcting the color contrast. Image enhancement professionals can and certainly give a more glamorous touch to your models. The model may be having a bad hair day or acne popped up right before the shoot and you cannot postpone or delay the shoot. Though, make-up fixes it up, perfection gets amiss. A photo retouching expert, not only fixes it up, but even adds perfection to it. The fly-by hair or acne on the model's face gets masked, without making any noticeable difference on the skin-tone. Red-eye is the most annoying thing that gives a very horror-movie like feel to image, and photo editing makes this red-eye effect disappear, as if it was never there!

    Photobombing has become another menace that bothers fashion photographers. While on an outdoor shoot, an animal, an unwanted object or even some human, inadvertently photobombs at the very moment, you capture the image. Getting the exact shot again might not be viable, but editing the image is. The professionals mask these photo bombers, making them disappear! Often fine creases on the clothes or skin pigmentations become visible, playing a spoil-sport. Photo retouching professionals, not just remove these blemishes, but also accentuates the facial feature making them more attractive, yet very real.

    Just the right amount of image retouching may work wonders!

    It retains originality and gives the photo a very realistic touch; thus making your model look more human and not like a doll manufactured in some factory.

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