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6 Re-Animated Artistry

Ever wonder what the Simpsons would look like anime style? Or if Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was illustrated Super Mario style? Look no further than the above gallery to find out. The pictures include a variety of well-known icons in cartoons, films and comics, and show them redrawn in different illustrative styles.(via

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  • 1. The Simpsons Re-Animated

    This is the The Simpsons in a more human style.

  • 2. Popeye Re-Animated

    The strong Popeye here looks more badass than ever.

  • 3. Pikachu Re-Animated

    Who does not love the cute Pikachu? Here are 6 of him in a style you have never seen before.

  • 4. Mario and Luigi Re-Animated

    Here is fear and loathing in Las Vegas illustrated Super Mario style.

  • 5. Zelda Re-Animated

    This may be the truth behind the story of Zelda.

  • 6. Futurama Re-Animated

    Here is Futurama more real than ever!