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    18 Emerging Artists To Watch In 2018

    Tired of seeing the same names on everyone's year ahead list? Here's my rundown of the freshest independent/emerging artists you're going to hear a lot more from this year.

    1. Emily Vaughn

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    Emily Vaughn

    One thing I'm definitely in the "Mood" for is declaring my love for Emily Vaughn. You may recognize her from a previous BuzzFeed article, heard her while out shopping or even in your favorite playlists. Remaining independent, Emily has all her shit together - both the music & visuals clearly represent that. I'm telling you, this year is where it happens for Emily, where she'll be all over the radio & on your favorite TV shows. Don't "Think Twice", just do yourself a favor & make her a number 1 "Priority" before all your friends catch on.

    2. Violet Days

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    Violet Days

    This is one heck of an example of what a mashup cover should sound like from Stockholm based Violet Days. Michael Jackson's "Dirty Diana" & Calvin Harris' "This Is What You Came For". Magical.

    3. Dominique


    Is it really an Artist To Watch list if there's no Dominique on it? I don't think so. Originally from Florida, if you don't know about her now, you better get acquainted now because things are really starting to heat up for this NYC based producer. With support from the likes of Tom Ford, H&M & Forever 21 y'know it's gotta be good. Alongside gearing up for a new EP & live shows, Dominique is starting to produce for other artists so it won't be long before you're hearing about her as well as without even realizing it!

    Fun Fact: This track even had approval from Chloe Grace Moretz!

    4. ELOHIM

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    What did we do to deserve Elohim, she's such an angel, one of the kindest souls in music today. I first heard about her in H&M with a track called "Pigments" & obsessed about her for ages. Y'know how they say music brings people together? Well, I became very good friends with someone just through Elohim (hello Cece!), and if that isn't magic, I don't know what is.

    I promise you'll enjoy Elohim's music. Her visuals are insane, just take a look at her live shows. She's just been announced to play Coachella, so start rehearsing the lyrics NOW and change your life for the better!

    5. Bronze Avery

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    Bronze Avery

    Can you feel the pressure?? Whatever Bronze is doing, he's doing it right. Years down we'll be seeing him as an icon & these tracks will be regarded as timeless. Also, y'know this is going to be choreographed and synced SO HARD right? Until then, it's driving me crazy how someone like this can be so under the radar?! I'm in love. I'm so so in love.

    6. Salt Ashes

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    Salt Ashes

    If I had any idea how to dance, it would be to this. Salt Ashes instinctively knows how to create chart-topping dance anthems that should be blasting in clubs worldwide. The music industry needs to notice a good thing when it hits them & I predict a breakout coming for this extremely talented woman - even if I have to make it happen myself.

    7. Phangs

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    How people are sleeping on one of Nashville's finest, Phangs, is very odd to say the least. Phangs is someone you'd expect to be signed to a major label, selling out shows & queues of screaming fans 7 blocks down. This could very well happen throughout the year, so keep an eye on this one.

    Fun Fact: Phangs has a very supportive fanbase (Pham) and booked a whole tour from Twitter alone, setting up shows in his fans living room. I mean, when could your fav?

    8. Superwalkers

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    Transport yourself back in time with the sounds of mysterious Swedish duo Superwalkers. Check out the strangely enticing & very colorful video and get ready to never stop dancing. You'll hear them playing in the clubs soon enough!

    9. Kyler Slater

    Kyler Slater

    LA based crooner Kyler Slater followed up his stellar debut with "Stay Away" - but don't take it literally, he's one to stick with..FOR SURE. A fusion of his silky seductive vocals, mixed with both pop and R&B production. This is pure aural pleasure.

    10. So Below

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    So Below

    I'm gonna need So Below to rise to the top ASAP. Wow. Pulsating electronics and silky vocals, she sure knows how to make powerful music. When I first heard this, I was emotional. This hit me hard. Then I was more upset seeing how this only has 2000 views. Wake up people, this needs much much more!

    It's. What. She. Deserves!

    11. Scavenger Hunt

    Scavenger Hunt

    You may recognize this straight away if you're a fan of the movie "Bad Moms". I've been obsessing over Scavenger Hunt for years & felt like a proud parent when I heard them. Synthtastic 80s vibes run through their productions & you'll never be far from the sun when listening to Scavenger Hunt - almost like summer never EVER ends.

    Their music puts you in a great mood, makes you feel optimistic about life & like you can take on the world. Guaranteed. Go on, try it.

    12. LPX

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    Formerly of electronic pop duo MS MR, businesswoman, record label owner and all round powerhouse Lizzy Plapinger emerged with her latest project LPX. The music industry is definitely set to 'Tremble' especially with the announcement of her EP & incredibly distinct voice. Lizzy has helped & inspired me in so many ways more than she'll ever know that it's impossible to list, but all I can say is stay close. This is one artist you'll be hearing a lot about.

    13. Luna Shadows

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    Luna Shadows

    Luna Shadows made 'Waves' with her debut EP "Summertime", each track having over 1 million streams...each! For an independent artist, this is no easy feat. Luna, I salute you. She creates music that gives you hope, music that makes you feel, music that...well, takes you straight to LA. I need an album so badly.

    14. Micky Blue

    Micky Blue

    You heard the lady. Are you gonna keep waitin' until she's famous?

    My advice: Don't wait. Do it now before all the cool kids. That way you can be sure to say you knew her before, because without a doubt she's gonna be so so famous.

    15. Lizzy Land

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    Lizzy Land

    Hot damn, sweet melodies for sure. This is a PERFECT debut from LA based Lizzy Land & with over 1 million streams on both the original and remix, it seems a lot of people agree. Lizzy followed up with "Beat Goes On" & "Bad Things" proving that she ain't backing down now - watch out for this name. This isn't one to be slept on.

    16. ADAL

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    More 80s tinged synthpop, because you can never have enough. London based newcomer ADAL teamed up with Freja for this one which is bound to get synced so hard. You can't help but be transported to the past. Grab a partner, dance away into the night & don't forget to add it to your Valentine's playlist.

    17. Cherryade

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    Quench your thirst with some Cherryade. This London based pop duo aren't afraid to tell it like it is, I mean take their Christmas single "Sleigh Me" for example, singing about, well.....We'll let you figure that out and their controversial "Theresa May (Bulls**t)" featuring animated poo. I love them. If you like your music with an edge, this is definitely for you.

    18. Zoey Lily

    Zoey Lily

    London based Zoey Lily caused a stir at only 19 years old with a demo she released of a track called "Edges" - with such a distinct voice, it won't be long until labels are fighting to sign her. If you're a fan of Lana Del Rey & Billie Eilish, you'll love Zoey.