Top 10 Gotochi Local Hello Kitty Of Japan

Top 10 Locally Exclusive Hello Kitties from Japan (base on sales in 2012) Created by Rinkya, your source for Yahoo Japan Auction items in English! Find more articles on our blog.

10. Mount Fuji Fuji-chan Hello Kitty (from Yamanashi Prefecture)

9. Fukushima Yae Hello Kitty (from Fukushima Prefecture)

8. Sauce Pork Cutlet Don Hello Kitty (from Fukui Prefecture)

7. Jinbee Zame Hello Kitty (from Okinawa Prefecture)

Gotochi Kitty Facebook / Via Facebook: gotochikitty

5. Hakata Mentaiko Twin Seated Kitty (from Fukuoka Prefecture)

4. Nagoya Shachihoko Laying Kitty (from Aichi Prefecture)

3. Umbrella Hello Kitty (from Kyoto Prefecture)

2. Lavender Checkered Hello Kitty (from Hokkaido Prefecture)

1. KumaMon Hello Kitty! (from Kumamoto Prefecture)

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