Sylvanian Families Extreme Makeover: Critters In Sexy Fundoshi Japanese Undies

You’ve probably seen Sylvanian Families before. It is a line of animal figures and dollhouses originally sold by Epoch Japan since 80′s. Recently, a new fashion trend seems to have emerged among these adorable critters…

So this is what we usually see in Sylvanian Families. A happy, traditional American housing in a tranquil forest.

…with a peaceful family and nice dinner…

You get the idea of Sylvanian Families. Now add Japanese fundoshi - a traditional Japanese undergarment…

“Let’s Partyyyyyyyy!”

“Is this where the party’s going on?”

Bunny Cop: “Where is the party!?”

“Everyone here? Let’s wait for the village chief and start the fundoshi festival!”

Beavers: “Can’t hear your voice! Louder!”

10. Some Moles get too wasted in the course of Fundoshi Festival

“My underwear’s ripped! I have too much energy.”

Squirrel dad to join the festival.

Duck Mom: “Wh…who are you? Why are you in my house!?”
Young Ducklings: “Whoa… you guys are so cool!”

“You two should get ready after the supper too!”

Beaver: “Are you ready for the festival?”

Nobody can stop us. Nobody.

Girl: “Fundoshi is…so romantic.”
Boy: “Hahaha, you just found that out?”

18. Here comes the mikoshi!

“Heave-ho! Heave-ho!”
*Mikoshi is a portable Shinto shrine that four selected men (or women sometimes) carry to parade around the town during a matsuri.

“Keep it up, guys!”

Fan service for ladies.

“Great job, gentlemen!”

“Let’s celebrate! Eat! Drink!”

24. Meanwhile…

“You have no idea what I am capable of doing!”
“Put your pants on!”

The fundoshi festival opened up a whole new world for Sylvanian Families, didn’t it? Check out all the posts on Twitter through this hashtag! ふんどし祭り

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